HTML Frames

HTML Frames allow multiple html documents to be displayed in a single browser window at a time. Normally frames are used to have a menu in one frame and content in another frame in the same window. By clicking the menu items the targeted document will open in the contents frame. The tag defines how to divide the window into frames Each frameset defines a set of rows or columns. You have to specify the values of rows/columns that indicates that how much screen area each row/column will occupy.

<frameset rows = “20%,70%,10%”>

<frame name = “header” src = “header_frame.html” />
<frame name = “middle” src = “middle_frame.html” />
<frame name = “footer” src = “footer_frame.html” />


<body>If the browser does not support frames.</body>



The src contain the location of the web page that will load into the frame.
You can use the border attribute in the tag to set the frame border. You can also use the framespacing attribute to specify the space between the frames. You can use noresize if you do not let the frames be resized by the visitor. This attribute has no value. Use scrolling attribute to allow scrolling or not inside a frame. Scrolling attribute has values “yes”/”no”